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26 May 2015 @ 10:21 am
Hair Story!  

This was my hair two months ago


And this was my hair yesterday:


It’s grown about two inches in as many months. No idea about the red tint, I can only blame the lighting for it because my hair is exactly the same colour as it was in the First photo.

Anyway! So! If Anyone is worried about my little almost-bald head being cold, worry not! I clearly won't be doing without hair for all that long.

Secondly, I look adorable with shaved hair! This is me after shaving my hair in 2008!


Aw, I know exactly what Tshirt I’m wearing in that photo and I only binned it a couple of montths ago. I usually donate clothes but I wore that Tshirt until I wore it out...

Anyway! AND! When my hair grows back, because it’s so thick, it’s sticks up!


I don’t have any gel or anything in my hair there, it’s just sticking up of it’s own accord!

For the record, whenever I did try and put gel in my hair, my hair was a bit longer, and so, so heavy that the spikes I tried to do flopped over to the side within 10 minutes of being gelled and dried in that position instead. Trust me, even if I had photos of it, I wouldn’t show them cos it looked That ridiculous!

SO!? What’s not to like!?

Nothing! So, if you’d like to see my hair put to some good use, please follow the link below to donate!


Thank you!