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04 August 2015 @ 12:37 am
DVD round up! (Part 2)  
 My Big Fat Greek Wedding - I watched this because I ended up in posession of a bunch of films I wouldn't normally watch. I shall call this collection The Naff Collection. And what did I think of my first slice of Naff Pie? 

Well, alright, I thought parts of it were funny, but just when I thought Toula would continue on being her own person, she defaulted to her parents’ way of doing things, despite it holding her back so much. And then the romance hit 11, then Ian converted, and I was so disappointed in the ending. It’s not as bad as Harry Potter, obviously, but after all those years of wanting to break free from her “over protective”, Over The Top, Interfering family, she’s become almost just like them and then goes to live next door.

Conclusion: Does not compute.
Bonus comment: Holy Doppleganger, Batman! John Corbett looks like Paul Rudd

Music & Lyrics - Second film in the Naff Collection.
I’m not the biggest fan of Hugh Grant or Drew Barrymore. For Hugh Grant, I liked About a Boy and Four Weddings and a Funeral, but other characters made the film. And for Drew Barrymore, I’ve seen more films with her in than I’ve liked, but I think she’s a victim of the films she’s in, more than any lack of skill on her part.
But all in all, I liked this film! I think it’s because the comedy element comes out more than the romance element, and it doesn’t lose much if you fast forward the crappy romantic bits. And what can I say? I’m a sucker for romcoms that feature music. (For example, The Holiday and Just My Luck)
It pains me to say it, but yeah, I really liked it. I’ve got Pop Goes My Heart Still stuck in my head. 

Can I just say, if any big famous stars are stuck for their next hit, I’ve got a few songs up my sleeve and I could be the Sophie to your Alex, and I won’t murder your plants.

Stardust - Third film in the Naff Collection.
HellLLO Danny Griffin!
I’d recognise that face anywhere, regardless of macons, cleavers or dodgy haircuts. Wow! This film was done a year after Lewis. Wow. He’s even more adorable! And his hair near the end, how floofy…

But, err, anyway. Film! Yes. What was I… oh yes! So. Someone told me I Really, Really need to watch this film, way back in 2007. And I didn’t. And I never fancied watching it, so I still didn’t. And here I am incidentally in possession of the DVD, and I loved it! It’s funny how that happens, isn’t it? (Sorry!)
I don’t know what to say. It was a very good fantasy film, and I loved the character development. It put me in the mood to watch Penelope, wierdly enough, and I kept comparing it to Willow and The Lost World (made sense with my thought process during the film) which is odd. But yeah, I really liked this film. I cried at the end, but this is me and that’s what I do. 

Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence - The Fourth Film in the Naff Collection. Did not like.
I stopped watching before the 40 minute Mark. Some of these tropes for Romcoms absolutely disgust me. You know, only in a romcom is it seen as romantic for a man to use his financial status to worm his way through airline policy, just so he can sit next to a woman (Martha) that he’s just met, but has decided he HAS to be close with her because he’s in lust with her.

Martha then has to deal with being stuck next to this male character, with him coming on to her and pestering her, asking all sorts of questions and trying to impress her, for around 8 hours. Not only is she trying to sleep at one point, but also there’s no where else for her to move to if she’d have wanted to.

And it’s only in a romcom that a woman can be pressured into accepting a hotel room, by a strange man who has been harassing her all night, and not be physically assaulted or killed in any way! If this had been a horror movie, she’d be dead or abducted soon after unlocking the door, and then shoved in a basement somewhere for the rest of the film. Hell, try doing that in real life!
And then, after Martha miraculously lasts the night, the pestering kept on coming! And it’s dressed up as romance. Luckily, she turns it all down, but then the next time after that when Martha’s on screen, she’s lamenting over her lost opportunity for love. Wtf! Give me strength!

Made of Honour - The Fifth Slice of Naff Pie
I only know Patrick Dempsey from Scream and Enchanted, so I wasn't not sure what to expect from him, and apparently he’s the only one in it because the name of the leading female actress (Michelle Monaghan – Loved her in Eagle Eye) isn’t mentioned Anywhere on the DVD!
Anyway. Overall Conclusion? I need to go shower in bleach.

Yeah… I stuck with it but I didn’t like it. Just these stupid RomCom tropes all over the place. She (Hannah) knows a guy (Colin) for six weeks, because of a work trip to Scotland where she got stuck in a field full of cows and he came to her rescue. And then, because they’re so in love with each other, he proposes and she accepts!? After 6 Weeks?! And the plan is to get married Two Weeks Later! Two months after they met!
Meanwhile Patrick Dempsey’s character (Tom) has been sleeping around, realises he’s in love with Hannah, his supposed best friend, and plans to arrange the perfect wedding so that she’ll fall in love with him!? Was I watching a romcom or a Jeremy Kyle episode? (Or Sherlock: The Sign of Three…?)

Meanwhile, I’m wondering why a successful businessman with a peerage Just happened to be on a Scottish highland road On A Horse, in the middle of a rainstorm. And, why is he so keen to marry her so quickly? Again, if this had been a horror film, she’d be dead.
Oh, the pain of it all! And the ableism (use of the word Retard) and the homophobia! (Everyone thinks Tom is gay because he’s been Maid of Honour, and to make fun of that fact, they make him wear a tartan mini skirt. !?)
At least they got real Scottish people, I suppose.

Wimbledon - The final slice of Naff Collection Pie
This is a mini review, but I've put a fuller one up on ~The Other Place~
I didn't want to watch this film for a very long time for two reasons. One, mostly because I don’t want to be hit with pathetic nostalgia, because I’m basically a sentimental idiot and this film was a Thing a few years ago, but also because I didn’t want to watch it and like it.
Well. It was in my possession, and I’d watched the others, so… I guess I had to watch it. 

And goddamnit, I hate myself, I actually sort of liked it. There’s some funny bits in it, and good dialogue. And you can’t really go wrong with Paul Bettany’s dry delivery, can you? But I fast forwarded most of the romantic crap, and I had a bit of a problem with the 11 year age difference. I mean, in 2004, she was 22 and he was 33. It just… I know. Ageism. But… I can’t explain it. It gives me a Wrong feeling.
I thought it would have been a better film, though, if he’d have lost at the end. Love isn’t everything (excuse the pun).

Now You See Me - I can’t remember if it was put on my list to see if Jesse Eisenberg ever plays a likeable character, or to see what else Mark Ruffalo has been in, other than the Avengers films. 
And, if it was the first, the answer is still so far a “no”. And as for the latter, this is the second film I’ve seen him in. (I’d like to say “other than the avengers”, but I still haven’t seen any of them and still don't plan to)

Anyway. The acting is good all around, and the premise of the plot was enjoyable to watch; The beginning was very good! But I thought it started to fall apart after the hour mark, and I was really disappointed in the ending. 

Magicians - First time watching this film properly. I've always sort of wanted to watch it, although I was put off a bit by the insistent advert for it that used to show up at the side of Myspace (was it Myspace or was it MSN?). And then for some odd reason, it was doing the rounds on telly and my Mum watched it. And she must have watched it 4 out of the 7 times it was on in one week, and a few other times after that. And then she suddenly decided she didn't like the film and never watched it again. I only ever saw small bits of it, I never really fancied watching it with my parents. 

Erm. It was better than I was expecting. It wasn't as funny as I was expecting, though. But I did still like it, in that "it's enjoyable rubbish" way. It was Jessica Stephens that made it for me, I think. Don't get me wrong, I loved David Mitchell and Robert Webb in it, but Stephens added that extra special dose of funny. 


A Million Ways To Die In The West - I watched this for two reasons. The first was that Neil Patrick Harris is in it, and the second was that, whilst I was umming and arring over watching it, someone (for some unknown reason) recommended it to me. Despite having been told by at least two other people I would very much not like it, I gave it a go anyway. 
I shouldn't have bothered. I want the 20 minutes I suffered through back, and I would like as much brain bleach as possible. Who recommended this!? AHHHHH D:

Meet The Robinsons - I half watched this film a few years ago and didn't rate it, but then someone posted the gif of the dinosaur scene on Tumblr a few months ago, and I laughed myself stupid at it, so I figured I'd give it another go. But no, I was right the first time. It's a very weak kid's film. The dinosaur bit was the best bit in it. 
I thought it was a bizarre mix of The Jetsons meets Back to the Future, and I think Futurama and Tomorrowland are better alternatives of similar plots. It didn't make any sense that "The Guy With The Bowler Hat" was so stupid when his childhood self wasn't, and I thought Mildred could have been a bigger character than she was. 
I know, I know, kid's film, but still... 2/10.

Big Hero 6 - Finally! On one hand, I loved the film, but on the other I'm getting fed up of Disney films making me cry. Aladdin never makes me cry! The Little Mermaid only makes me cry sometimes. But this kicked me right in the heart Twice. Twice! So, yes, liked it, but I don't really wanna re-watch it. I won't go further into it because it's still new and unseen by a lot of people. I will ask, though, was anyone else expecting Callaghan to finish "I want my daughter back" with "you son of a bitch"? No? Okay then.

Legends of the Fall - Recommended by Mig, at least once a year for the past 7 years. Aaaand there's a painstaking hour and 15 minutes I'll never get back. I know, it's a big famous film with all the makings of a cinematic great. Critically Claimed, blah de blah de blah. There's just one problem: I don't seem to be made for cinematic greats. I just found it boring and depressing, and I hated the story. A man gets with his dead brother's fiance? Wrong to the nth degree! That's an episode of Jeremy Kyle. Nil pois!

At the cinema, I've also seen:

The Minion Movie - I won’t spoil anything, but I will say i’m a mind of two halves about it, and I don’t really know what to make of it over all. Because over all, it’s a good fun film, but I thought it felt a bit stretched out. The runtime was only an hour and a half, but it really did feel as though they carried on running with as much as they could, to show how the minions can fill out a full 90 minute movie. And, and this is where the other half of the mind comes in, I felt it messed too much with the continuity. It was Minion Minion Minion, oh quick how do we show it's actually connected to Despicable Me? Quick, throw in Gru! Phew, crisis averted. Except, not really. 
As a standalone, it's watchable. 
And that’s all i’ll say. 

Inside Out - Again, I won't spoil anything. But I will say what a fantastic film. I mean, I hate it cos it made me cry, but what an over all fantastic film. Good honest plot, and they underhandedly sold a film with a female protagonist to a general audience. You know, they didn't make a big deal out of the main character being a girl like Disney did with Frozen. And it was so nicely, unpredictably done.
It was just really good, and I recommend it. I also recommend you take some tissues. 10/10