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16 October 2015 @ 10:37 am
 photo Laura1.jpg

The world lost someone special
Ten years ago today
And though all these years have passed
The pain of loss still hasn't gone away

I want to celebrate the life
Of someone who lit up the whole room
But how can I focus on happy times
When they all ended far too soon?

But I still remember all those ridiculous times
Sword fights, "you shall not pass!"
Room seven and all the taxi rides
Chris and the jellybeans
Mat and the shnuggabear
Helping you with your media coursework
You making fun at my badly dyed hair

"It's marracesh!"
"You mongoose"
"I'm in a mood with him"
"What's the film with the urban myths?"
"Alex fancies Shin"
"Alex, have you seen my knob?"
"Why have you got a screwdriver in there?
"It's a reindeer puppet"
*Pause for beat* "It's HEEEERS!"
"Two hours later Teeshee died"
"You don't eat olbas oil, you freak"
"I wouldn't be caught dead in a cemetery"
"Ben doesn't get his until next week!"

All the long phone calls
All the curries on a Thursday
Me and Vicky decorating the back of the taxi
And celebrating your 18th birthday
Good Friday in Southport
Late night marathons with Outlaw Star
36 hour monopoly
First outing of your mum's new silver car

All the fanfic reading
All the dinnertimes in room twelve
All the horror films late at night
The day you walked with weld
These are just a few memories that right now have come to mind
But I'm sure if I had more time
There'd be many others I could find.

Your skills at table tennis,
Swimming and boccia were almost second to none
Twice golden medalist at the mersey side youth games
....And then all the other tournaments you'd won
You could have been a great actor
If it wasn't for the *cough* rest
But of all the Wizard of Oz's cast in Range
I'd say no doubt you were the best

You saved me from dying from a collapsing shelf by laying on my leg
I once made you laugh so hard that you actually broke a rib
You put up with my obsession with the bargain bin in music zone
We were the vertically challenged demons against the world
You made fighting against the grain
Not something I needed to do alone

I tell everyone that you hit me on the head with a hammer the first day we met
I tell everyone about you learning Japanese
I'd tell everyone everything about you,
But stupid me still gets upset

I think of the stupid arguments we had
And any times that we cried
All these memories spin around my head
And they have done since you died

It's sad there's no new memories
Though I've come to terms with that
But what I wouldn't give for ten more minutes
What I'd do to have you back

But you've been gone so long now
Ten years to the day
And though you're no longer here in body or mind
You've never really gone away

You were our Aerith
But most importantly
You were our Laura
And you'll never be just a memory

Always and Forever

14-02-1985 - 16-10-2005