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Size Matters Not. Look at me? Judge me by my size, do you?

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22 August 1988
Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom
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Range High School - Formby England - Merseyside UK (1999 - 2004)
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - Hogsmeade Scotland - Highland UK (2001 present)
Formby High School - Formby England - Merseyside UK (2004 - 2007)
University of Northampton - Northampton England - Northamptonshire UK (2008)
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Ahoy There.

I go by the name of Chibi. You can call me Chibi.

I'm a twenty-something disabled person from Liverpool. I moved out of Liverpool with the parentals 3 years ago, to a sleepy town oop north with no indoor shopping centre. I'm happy to say that I have finally returned and now live near to where I used to live, still with the parentals, but hey! It's Liverpool! YES!

My condition is rare. It's such a rare condition that I grew up with many people not believing that I was actually as disabled as I "made out to be". I've been misdiagnosed once, and the current condition is being officially challenged, which means that I might have been misdiagnosed a second time. I'll save the naming of the condition until I can name it for 100% certain.

I'm a geek. The Computer Technology, Science-Fiction, Online Memes, Games, Anime, Fanfiction, Film Buff, Radio Shows kind of geek. I'm also obsessed with my LoveFilm account and I encourage any and all suggestions for films I should have OMG absolutely have seen by now.

In my LiveJournal, you will find entries about the above topics as well as Evidence of A Real Life Existence. I angst and rant a lot, and go off on tangents, I refer to injokes of the past and never explain them, and I describe my dreams just as vividly as I experience them. This might be the right time to say that I am a fan of the Oxford Comma.

If you want to friend me, you can do. I'm a perfectly friendly person. All I ask is that you leave me a little comment in my FO Entry to let me know. Otherwise I'll assume you're a spam account and ignore you completely.

I mostly post FO, but the public entries should give anyone who's looking a good idea of what having me on their Flist would be like.


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